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(Frequently asked questions:)

Q.        Does Lipscombe Swan accept bookings throughout New             Zealand.?
A.         YES we do. In the South Island we travel overland  throughout, and         charges  include travel costs. In the North Island we travel by air to         the nearest town   or city.  Where neccessary accomodation costs are     added

Q.       Does LIPSCOMBE SWAN  perform original material?

A.         Yes...but not exclusively. Mike Lipscombe has over three hundred            registered songs and as most of these are fairly topical                 LIPSCOMBE SWAN  includes relevant material as required

Q.    Does LIPSCOMBE SWAN  learn material especially for an event     eg. your favourite songs for a wedding ceremony etc.

A.     YES. As part of our booking fee we will learn up to three of your         particularly favourite songs and  perform them as and when you require     as part of your special event.

Q.    Are Lipscombe Swan G.S.T. registered?

A.    Yes. All prices within New Zealand  are subject to 12.5% G.S.T.

Any further questions please contact us at    addresses on our
'Contacting Lipscombe Swan' page