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About Lipscombe Swan
LIPSCOMBE SWAN are a musical  duo made up of two guys from the Nelson area in New Zealand.


Mike Lipscombe....acoustic guitar/vocals

Steev Swan .....vocals

LIPSCOMBE SWAN have been performing around the South Island of New Zealand for two years, performing a style of music that vanished with Simon and Garfunkle. They both  love the acoustic style and are finding that people everywhere have missed the gentle vocal harmonies and powerful ballads that this style produces.


Lipscombe Swan present a variety of different shows from their enormous repertoire. These include the following:

1.    ORIGINALS.   Featuring the songs of Mike Lipscombe, this show is all         about New Zealand and it's people, environment, and it's humour (and     it's sheep)!!

2.    FOLK ROCK CLASSICS.  Featuring the music of Simon and Garfunkle,     Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell,Gordon Lightfoot etc

3.    JOHN DENVER TRIBUTE SHOW. A nostalgic and poignant look at the     songs that made Denver famous.

4.    THE BEATLES  Featuring many of the Beatles hits and some of their         more obscure ballads.

5.    COUNTRY ballads. From Gram Parsons and Emmy-Lou Harris to         Shanaia Twain this show is full of beautiful and memorable tunes

6.    ROCK'N'ROLL PARTY.  The late 50's and early 60's feature in this great show full of toe-tappers and dance songs by The Everly Bros, Buddy Holly etc

7.    IRISH BALLADS. A selection of the most beatiful Irish ballads of the last     hundred years.Includes many well known and loved songs such as "Rose     of Tralee' and 'Mountains of  Mourne'

LIPSCOMBE SWAN  are available in New Zealand for